Here is the JJ
(Japanese Jeep)
JJ is a 1975 HJ-38. The ID tag that is on the firewall reads "Manufactured in JAPAN by Mitsubishi Motors Corporation Under License From Jeep Corporation U.S.A. We found this treasure in Montana a few years ago and decided that we just had to have it. She has a 4cyl Mitsubishi gas engine, a 4 speed column shift transmission with a 2 speed transfercase. She has a 44 offset rearend (same as wagoneer quadra-trac), 30 series closed knuckle front end. She is a right hand drive and even has fractory AIR. She is a 4 door with Barn doors on the rear. The grille is the same as a CJ3B except with a Mitsubishi logo. The hood is the same as a CJ3B except it says JEEP instead of WILLYS. She does need a new paint job but other then that she looks pretty good. Infact she even has the factory plastic still over the bench part of the back seat. As far as we know she is the only one in the United States. If you know of any others please send us an email.
Notice that she is a 4 door
JJ with her Cousin 1962 CJ 3B