Dianas 1969 CJ5
Blue Lake Rimrock, Wa
Evans Creek ORV park, May 2004
Evans Creek ORV park
Liberty, Wa 2005
The Great Rescue
This Jeep started life as a parking lot patrol rig for the University of Washington.
She was 2wd, right hand drive when George bought her for his daughter as a Christmas gift in 1979
24 years later she finally made it to her first Jeep run after making several modifications.
Currently she has a buick 225 V-6
T-98 4 speed, Scout model 20 transfercase.
30 front with ARB Air-Locker & 4:10 gears.
Model 20 rear housing out of a J-10 pickup (narrowed of course)
Warn full floating axles & ARB Air Locker and a Warn 9500i winch.
We also added another part to our full cage roll bar and now she is equiped with a family cage.
After it was tipped on her side the kids decided that they didnt trust daddy anymore and wanted more protection.