Dianas 1969 CJ5
Boop Mobile Before Lift
Ocean Shores Feb 2006
Boop Mobile After Lift
Boop Holding A Landcruiser Down
Ocean Shores, Wa
Coos Bay, Oregon April 2006
In Loving Memory
Of Betty (Boop) who passed away November 2004
Boop was purchased by us brand new in 1990 at Milam Jeep in Puyallup,Washington.
This was Betty's (George's Wife) daily driver.
Currently has 222,102 and growing miles on it as of May 9 2006.
The grille and right fender was replaced after a Boo-Boo in 1997.
We put 3" lift Old Man Emu Coils in the front, 2 1/2" lift blocks in the rear and Old Man Emu shocks all the way around in early April 2006 (just before a trip to Coos Bay).
Who knows what the future holds for Boop.